Sunday, 07 June 2020

The Full Moon Day of June commemorates the beginning of the propagation of
Buddhism under Emperor Asoka of India in the 3rd century B.C., and marks the
introduction of the Buddha Dhamma to Sri Lanka by Arahat Mahinda in 246 B.C.
This unique and historical event will be celebrated at the London Buddhist Vihara
on Sunday 07th June 2020.

The full day programme will be streamed live on

You Tube

9.00-9.30 Administering the Eight Precepts and Admonition (Anusasana)
by Venerable B. Seelawimala Nayaka Thera, Head of the Vihara
Buddha Vandana (Homage to the Buddha) & chanting by Ven. T. Bandula

9.30-10.00 Meditation - Instruction & Practice – by Ven. K. Kassapa

10.30-11.15 “The Parable of the Elephant’s Footprint " by Ven. T. Bandula

11.15-11.30 Buddhapuja - led by Ven. K. Kassapa

11.30 Dana offering to Venerable monks.

1.00- 2.00pm Pirith Desana

2.00-3.00 “Fifteen Riddles of the Dhamma” by Ven. K Kassapa

3.30-4.30 Sermon in Sinhala – Ven. B Seelawimala Nayaka Thera

4.30pm Poson Bhakti Gee

5.00pm Puja, Chanting of Paritta and passing of merit (Punyanumodana)


Message From The London Buddhist Vihara
For the Reflection and Practice of the Dhamma in a time of fatal Coronavirus .

Arogya Parama Labha
Health is the highest gain Dhammapada 204

 Dear Devotees, Friends,

 I hope you are all of keeping well and safe.

 Generally, during these days in April, Sri Lankan people celebrate the Sinhalese New Year. But, as no doubt you are all aware, locally and globally, without exception, every human being on our planet, is under threat from this dreadful pandemic caused by the Corona Virus.

 At this moment in time, we have no choice but to remain isolated, so we are making good use of this time with contemplating the Dhamma. We spend our time wisely by nurturing more spiritual thoughts rather than celebrating the Aluth Avuruddha.

 Usually, we live our lives following very busy schedules, but now a days unexpectedly, we have been given time to rest. We must follow the advice of the NHS and medical experts to do our bit to try and reduce the impact of this harmful virus, Covid 19.

 We hear sad news that some of our friends have been affected and some of our friends are dead and gone. Regardless of nationality, wealth, status, power or age, all human beings are vulnerable and equal to getting Corona Virus – it does not discriminate.

 We have all heard the Buddha’s saying,‘Arogya Parama Labha’Health is the highest  Gain. Not only in Buddhism but in other religions there are similar sayings that, above all else, health is of ultimate importance.

 Also, at this time, we need to think not only of our own well-being, but also the well being of others. I know we practice Metta Bhavana mediation on loving kindness. We mentally recite and share the thoughts, ‘May I be well and May you be well May all beings be well and protected from the danger of this Corona Virus.’

 Also, we request from our elders, please stay at home do not go anywhere as they are more vulnerable, and we will cater to their needs. Not only Buddhists but followers of other faith are aware of this during, Easter time. We become more compassionate and love each other. Also, we can reflect upon our good memories regarding our good Kamma.


Certainly, doctors and medical specialists will find a solution to this challenge presented by Corona Virus. Until that time, we must maintain our good spirit through positive thinking. As we Buddhist we gain resilience especially by practicing mediation on Loving kindness ‘Metta Bhavana’, listening to the Dhamma and helping others who need our support; these good practices are very beneficial for everyone.

 Unfortunately, the Vihara is temporarily closed indefinitely, until the end of this corona pandemic. Nevertheless, we monks practice Puja and chanting of Ratana Sutta every morning and evening. You also can participate the evening Puja, as it easy to view via our Facebook of London Buddhist Vihara.

 Sabbhitiyo vivajjantu - sabba rogo vinassatu
May all misfortunes be averted, may all sicknes be healed.
Mâ te bhavatvantarâyo - sukhi dighâyuko bhava
may no danger befall me and you, may I and you live long and happily.’

 With Metta, 

Ven B Seelawimala Thera
Head Monk
Ven T Bandula Thera
Ven K Kassapa Thera



Classes at the Vihara are cancelled

Please note that all the regular classes, i.e Wednesday-meditation, Tuesday-Pali and Advanced Buddhism are now cancelled until further notice. 

Heating at the Vihara

As a part of the ongoing building works at the Vihara, the central heating system has been switched off. A new heating and ventilation system will be installed later this year. Until such time, heating will be provided by electrical heaters. Due to limitations in the electrical supply, the heating will not be as good. We hope the devotees will bear the discomfort during this period.

Please do not plug any extra heaters as the electrical system will become overloaded.