Monthly Retreat Saturday 30 January 2021


From 2.00-7.00PM


(Connected with Full moon Poya Day January 2021)

Via Facebook Live.



2.00-3.00  Meditation instructions and Practice

3.00-4.00 Dhamma talk Tea Break

4.20-6.00  Meditation.

6.00 Puja and Chanting.


(Due to the pandemic situation, London Buddhist Vihara religious Programmes can be join via Facebook. You can join on link below)


You can watch this programme on Facebook live on the following link

We remember you


A tribute for all the loved ones who have lost their lives during this awful pandemic Covid 19


Although you are not in physical form today

You live on with love in our hearts

Thoughts of you make flowers bloom every day

As angels come to visit us.


Much beauty you left behind

A gift for our family from you

We miss you being with us but please, do not worry

We promise to see you again one day.


While the sun rises and sets everyday

Fond memories of you come to mind

Always with a radiant, smiling face, bright sparkling eyes.

In darkness, candlelight glows on your picture.   

As brothers and sisters love each other

We hold you close, in our human family

A victim of Corona, so much harder to bear your departure

We miss you being near.


No longer can you see the beauty of summer flowers here

But observe the beauty of mother Earth from above

The many wreaths placed as tribute from bereaved children

Observing our tears of loss.


In a dream I see your smiling face

In the blue sky, with moonlight and twinkling stars

You are waving to say good bye 

Remain in peace, my dear.



Venerable Bogoda Seelawimala

Head of London Buddhist Vihara