London Buddhist Vihara Proposed New Extension

Dear Devotee/Supporter                                                                                      

New Extension Works at the London Buddhist Vihara

Appeal for the LBV Building Fund

As we informed you in our previous letter, the construction work of the new extension at the Vihara commenced on 20 January 2020.

The work had been progressing well until the Government imposed a lockdown on 23 March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the Contractor was prepared to continue with the building works, though there were some delays as anticipated for fabricated work and sub-contract work due to the closing down of their workshops and offices.

Despite the initial set back, the Contractor has been able to continue and we are happy with the current progress of the works and their high quality of work.

A copy of the progress report updated to 31 August is attached herewith for your information.

We are trying our best to stay within the budget and we expect the work to be completed by end of November 2020 barring any further serious lockdown measures taken by the Government due to any increase of COVID 19 situation.

As you are aware, due to the Coronavirus restrictions, the Vihara has remained closed to the public and perhaps as a result, our Building Fund did not reach the expected level that we were hoping for at the start of the project.

Now that we are at the finishing stages of the project, we are making this appeal to all our kind and generous devotees and supporters for much needed funds which would enable us to complete the Project successfully as planned.

If you wish to make a donation, please make it payable to the following account.

Payee – London Buddhist Vihara Builidng Fund or LBV Building Fund

Bank – NatWest

A/c No: 33928452

Sort Code; 56-00-31

 Your donation will be gratefully received and acknowledged with a receipt



PROGRESS UPDATE TO PERIOD ENDING  18 December 2020 (Christmas Site Closing Down Date)

  1. Work Commenced on 20 January 2020
  2. New Extension
  • Ground Floor:

All work completed

  • First Floor:

All work completed

  1. Services:

3.1 Ventilation -  All work completed

3.2 Heating – All work completed - Heating services connected to Main Hall,     Sermon Hall, Shrine Room and Lobby with new radiators

3.3 Electrical – All work completed

3.4 Plumbing and Drainage Services – All internal drainge is completed:

       External drainage – Work in progress

3.5 Fire Alarm Installation – All work in the new extension completed:

       Existing kitchen -first fix completed

  1. Roof Work
  • Main Hall Roof

All work completed including laying of final roofing felt

  • First Floor

All work including flat roof completed

  • Dormer

All work completed with fixing four  timber grilles and roof finishes

  1. Roof Lantern – Main HallAll work completed including two electrically operated windows – Main hall scaffolding will be removed
  1. New Kitchen

All work completed ; Cooker, Washing Machine and Dryer installed in the new kitchen.

  1. First floor Toilet Conversion to Gents Toilet

All work completed

  1. Main Staircase and Basement Staircase - All work completed    
  1. Ground Floor Disabled Toilet - All work completed
  1. Link to new kitchen from existing Kitchen

All work completedexcept vinyl floor sheeting in floor

  1. Refurbishment of Existing Kitchen

All work completed

  1. Sermon Hall – New Electrical installation with recessed lights; First fix completed; New Ceiling tiles; To be fixed after the completion of the electrical installation.
  1. General Notes

Summary of Progress  - Building Works

  • All work in the First-Floor area are completed.
  • All work in the new Ground Floor area are completed
  • All work in the new kitchen is completed: Currently the resident monks are temporarily using only the kitchen sink and the washing machine until the Building control issues the final certificate.
  • Refurbishment work of the existing kitchen - Completed
  • Disabled toilet – Fixing of sanitary fittings, floor tiling and wall tiling to be completed

            Prepared by Leslie Dep –  18 December 2020


Above images show proposed external plans and elevations. Below images show 3D proposed interior designs.


Existing Building
• New ventilation system for the Shrine Room, Sermon Hall and Main Hall
• Replace existing oil-fired boiler with new heating system
• New roof light – Main Hall
• Existing kitchen to be moved to the back of the building where the en-suite room and bathroom are – converting to a new fitted kitchen
• Existing kitchen to be made a sitting area with large windows
• Provide two double doors openings in the wall between the existing kitchen and the Main Hall
• Provide two large acoustic folding door openings in the wall between the Main Hall and the Sermon Hall
• Existing ladies’ toilet to be moved to the current gents toilet and the gents’ toilet to be moved to the existing ladies’ toilet in the first floor
• Existing disabled toilet to be refurbished with additional space
• Existing three small rooms behind the Sermon Hall to be removed and made two rooms for storage
• Existing bedroom at the back to be converted to an accessible bedroom

New Building – First Floor Extension
• One en-suite bedroom
• Three bedrooms with separate bathroom facilities
• One storage room

All necessary mechanical, electrical, fire and drainage services


Supporters may wish to undertake the cost of any of the items listed below

REF	ITEM/SECTION	                                  COST (£)    Qty Reqd		
	General Items				
1	Acoustic Folding  Door 3.0 wide x 3.0m high	 3,300.00 	1		
2	Acoustic Folding  Door 4.0 wide x 3.0m high	 4,200.00 	1		
3	Roof Lantern	                              4,500.00 	1                                		
4	Sink - Double Bowl Aluminium - in Kitchen	 2,600.00 	1		
5	Sanitory Fittings			
        WC including finings	                        240.00      11		
5.2	Wash Hand Basins (Individual)	          825.00       6		
5.3	Wash Hand Basins (Counter)	                990.00       3		
5.4	Shower Unit (electrical)	                   525.00 	1		
5.5	Shower Tray (Corner Units) 	                   550.00 	2		
5.6	Urinals	                                 600.00 	3		
6	Toilet Finishes							
6.1	GF Accessible Wet Room				
6.1.1	Floor Tiles	                                   600.00 			
6.1.2	Wall Tiles	                                   200.00 			
6.1.3	Accessible fittings 	                         1,400.00 			
	TOTAL COST	                                 2,200.00 			
6.2	GF Disable WC	  			
6.2.1	Floor Tiles	                                   320.00 			
6.2.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,300.00 			
6.1.3	Accessible fittings 	                           700.00 			
	TOTAL COST	"                                2,320.00 			
6.3	GF Ladies Toilet	  			
6.3.1	Floor Tiles	                                 1,300.00 			
6.3.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,620.00 			
6.3.3	Proprietary toilet partitions and doors	   1,100.00 			
6.3.4	Mirror 2. m x 900 mm high	                   300.00 			
6.3.5	Painting	"                                1,100.00 			
	TOTAL COST	"                                5,720.00 			
6.4	FF Gents Toilet	  			
6.4.1	Floor Tiles	                                 1,400.00 			
6.4.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,650.00 			
6.4.3	Proprietary toilet partitions and doors	    1,100.00 			
6.4.4	Mirror 2. m x 900 mm high	                   300.00 			
6.4.5	Painting	"                                2,100.00 			
	TOTAL COST	"                                6,550.00 			
6.5	FF Bathroom 1	  			
6.5.1	Floor Tiles	                                   500.00 			
6.5.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,620.00 			
6.5.3	Shower Screen	                                 1,200.00 			
6.5.4	Mirrored cabinet with shaver point 	         1,200.00 			
6.5.5	Painting	                                 1,100.00 			
	TOTAL COST	                                 5,620.00 			
6.6	FF Bathroom 2	 			
6.6.1	Floor Tiles	                                   500.00 			
6.6.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,400.00 			
6.6.3	Shower Screen	                                 1,200.00 			
6.6.4	Mirrored cabinet with shaver point 	         1,200.00 			
6.5.5	Painting	                                 1,400.00 			
	TOTAL COST	                                 5,700.00 			
6.7	FF Bathroom 3	  			
6.7.1	Floor Tiles	                                   500.00 			
6.7.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,400.00 			
6.7.3	Shower Screen	                                 1,200.00 			
6.7.4	Mirrored cabinet with shaver point 	         1,200.00 			
6.7.5	Painting	                                 1,400.00 			
	TOTAL COST	                                 5,700.00 			
6.8	FF Bathroom 4	  			
6.8.1	Floor Tiles	                                   500.00 			
6.8.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,600.00 			
6.8.3	Shower Screen	                                 1,200.00 			
6.8.4	Mirrored cabinet with shaver point 	         1,200.00 			
6.8.5	Painting	                                 1,000.00 			
	TOTAL COST	                                 5,500.00 			
6.9	FF Bathroom 5	  			
6 9.1	Floor Tiles	                                   500.00 			
6.9.2	Wall Tiles	                                 1,300.00 			
6.9.3	Shower Screen	                                 1,200.00 			
6.9.4	Mirrored cabinet with shaver point 	         1,200.00 			
6.9.5	Painting	                                 1,000.00 			
	TOTAL COST	                                 5,200.00