A 10 week online course starting
7pm Tuesday 21 July, 2020

21 Jul -  Introduction
28 Jul -  Pre Buddhist India
4 Aug -  The Life of the Buddha
11 Aug -The Disciples of the Buddha and the spread of Buddhism 
18 Aug -The Pāli Canon - Our sources of knowledge
              The Kālāma Sutta - The Buddha's charter of free inquiry
25 Aug - The First & Second Noble Truth
1 Sep -   The Third & Fourth Noble Truth
8 Sep -   The Law of Kamma
15 Sep - The Wheel of Life - Paticcasamuppāda
22 Sep - The Goals and Methods of Buddhist Meditation

To register please email:
Tutor: Julian Wall
Cost: Free
This course was developed and taught at the London Buddhist Vihara.
It is now offered as an online course due to current Corona Virus (Covid 19) restrictions