An 8 week course starting 7pm Monday 7th October 2019

  • 7th Oct Pre Buddhist India
  • 14th Oct The Life of the Buddha The Spread of Buddhism
  • 21st Oct Sources of knowledge (Pāli Canon.) Investigating the teachings (Kālāma Sutta) The Buddha's Charter of Free Enquiry
  • 28th Oct The First & Second Noble Truth
  • 4th Nov The Third & Fourth Noble Truth
  • 11th Nov The Law of Kamma Natural laws, Process of Cognition
  • 18th Nov The Wheel of Life (Paticca Samuppāda) The Three Characteristics of Existence
  • 25th Nov The Goals and Methods of Meditation (Bhāvanā)

Tutor: Julian Wall

Location: London Buddhist Vihara

How to join: Enrol at the class on first day of attendance.

Fees: Free (donations are welcome)

This course will be repeated in October 2020