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The London Buddhist Vihara

The London Buddhist Vihara is a leading centre for Theravada Buddhism. Founded in 1926 by Anagarika Dharmapala, the Vihara was the first Buddhist monastery to be established outside the continent of Asia. It has continued its task of disseminating the Dhamma with resident bhikkhus (monks) from Sri Lanka throughout this period, with the exception of the 1940s due to World War II. The Vihara moved to Chiswick during 1964 when the Anagarika Dharmapala Trust (ADT) of Sri Lanka purchased the freehold property at Heathfield Gardens. In 1994 the Vihara moved to new spacious premises in The Avenue, Chiswick, London W4. The Vihara is managed by a Vihara Management Committee (VMC) appointed by the Anagarika Dharmapala Trust in Colombo. The four members of the VMC act as attorneys for the trustees who are all based in Colombo. The ADT also appoints the resident Dhammaduta Bhikkhus.

Corona Virus (COVID 19) update. Vihara is closed, but

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update, 15 October, 2020. 


Ratana Sutta

The Buddha preached the Ratana Sutta to bless the victims suffering in the town of Vesali from famine, sickness, evil spirits and other misfortunes.
This sutta explains the highest qualities of the Triple Gem, namely the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha.
At the end of each stanza, the Buddha blessed everyone by saying:
‘By this truth may all beings be happy and blissful’

Listen to Ratana Sutta chanted by the monks of London Buddhist vihara. Introduction by the Head Monk of the London Buddhist Vihara.

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