Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - 15 October, 2020

On 15 October, the UK Government issued an update to its guidance relating to restrictions in England applicable to places of worship. The updated guidance is at


The Government guidance has been considered and It was agreed that due to the ongoing construction work and restricted space, it will not be possible to safely allow large gatherings at the Vihara at present. Therefore the existing restrictions (see below) will continue until further notice.

Dear Dayakas, Supporters and Friends,

Opening of London Buddhist Vihara

You may be aware that the Government has permitted the use of places of worship for individual prayer from 13 June, 2020.

The Vihara will remain closed to the public, but supporters will be permitted to enter the Vihara from 15 June under the following conditions:

1. Up to four people from the same household may enter the Vihara to bring dana and for worship

2. Two people not from the same household may visit the Vihara for individual worship.

3. If not from the same household, persons must maintain 2m social distance from each other and from the monks

4. Devotees may visit the Vihara during the hours 9-10am and  3-5pm. Please ring the Vihara to make an appointment.

5. Face covering or a face mask must be worn on entering the Vihara and should kept on until leaving the Vihara.

6. Time spent in worship in the Shrine Room should be limited to 30 minutes

7. All above visits will be by prior appointment only

8. Please enter your name in the register on entering the Vihara

For further details please refer to the Government guidelines by clicking the link above


 The regular dana givers and others who wish to offer the dana and other essential requisites for the monks should first check with the Vihara for the requirements.
Please leave name/names, if you are offering dana in memory of someone

You may bring flowers which will be arranged and offered in the shrine room by the monks. Please do not bring any Lilly flowers as they are toxic to our cat.

The resident monks are observing the Vassa period for 3 months from 5 July. At the evening puja held at 6pm everyday, the monks will send you blessings for good health and protection from this deadly disease. As it is the Vassa period, the Dhammacakka Sutta will be chanted at the end.
You can watch them live on Facebook/londonvihara