Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - 27 January 2022

The UK Government has revised the rules applicable to Places of Worship.

Wearing of face covering and social distancing is now a personal choice. However, due to the fact that Omicron virus infections are still spreading, the visitors are kindly requested to wear face masks and maintain social distances with due consideration to the resident monks.

Therefore the number of supporters wishing to visit the Vihara for worship and dana need to be limited.

Please contact the resident monks to arrange times and numbers attending.

We regret we are unable to conduct dhamma and meditation classes at the vihara at present.
These are conducted by zoom and live streaming on the Vihara YouTube and facebook channels at present.

For further information, please visit the Government website:



Opening of London Buddhist Vihara

Visitors will be permitted to enter the Vihara for worship under the following conditions:

1. Devotees may visit the Vihara during the preferred hours 9-10am and  4-5pm. Please ring the Vihara to make an appointment.

2. Wearing of face masks is now a personal choice, but we kindly request visitors to wear a face mask on entering the Vihara and should kept on until leaving the Vihara.

3. Time spent in worship in the Shrine Room should be short as possible. Chanting should be done softly with the mask on.

4. All above visits will be by prior appointment only

For further details please refer to the Government guidelines by clicking the link above


 The regular dana givers and others who wish to offer the dana and other essential requisites for the monks should first check with the Vihara for the requirements.
Please leave name/names, if you are offering dana in memory of someone

You may bring flowers which will be arranged and offered in the shrine room by the monks.