Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 13 April 2020

London Buddhist Vihara is closed for the public

 The regular dana givers and others who wish to offer the dana and other essential requisites for the monks should first check with the Vihara for the requirements.
The monks will cook the dana using the donated dry rations, vegetables (fresh or frozen) and serve themselves.
Please do not bring cooked food or cut fruits.

Please leave name/names, if you are offering dana in memory of someone

You may bring flowers which will be arranged and offered in the shrine room by the monks. Please do not bring any Lilly flowers as they are toxic to our cat.

The resident monks chant the Ratana Sutta every day in the evening puja at 6pm and bless you  good health and protection from this deadly disease. You can watch them live on Facebook/londonvihara