New Year Message for 2021

We have managed to navigate the year 2020 despite all its challenges. It was a journey laden with much fear, anxiety and uncertainty. We now find ourselves on the threshold of the year 2021 and, hopefully, a new beginning; although many of the challenges to humanity still remain, especially due to the pandemic.

There is no need to go back many hundreds of years in the past, because the two recent decades of this 21st century are good enough to learn about the natural threats that are ever-present. Disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, tornados, droughts, hurricanes, disease and many more natural catastrophes. 

Also, we constantly live with man-made disasters. We encounter wars, terrorist attacks, starvation, poverty etc. We have experienced far too many such upheavals in our journey so far in this new century. But worst of all, this pandemic, from a little know virus, has overpowered the entire world.

As Kisagotami said: "It's not just a truth for one village or town, nor is it a truth for a single family. This world is troubled and brief and inseparable from suffering. With these upheavals people suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, anger, worry and much more – in brief, this is Dukkha, suffering. 

On such occasions, we need to protect our lives and also our great humanity. According to the current situation, practising Metta Bhavna, meditation on loving kindness or universal friendliness is immensely helpful to all for harmony, health and peace.

When we develop metta, all other great qualities enhance our hearts and mind; “May I be free from this dreadful disease, may my parents, my children, brothers, sisters, my spouse my friends, may all beings be freed from this pandemic disease.” With Metta Bhavana we can all develop healing powers. Let us share our spiritual healing powers with each other.  This is truly a very positive humanitarian spirit to wish others wellbeing, especially during the remainder of the pandemic period.

The year 2021 is a year full of hope for everyone. Hope, for freedom from this disease and hope for good health and peace to be restored, to all our lives. May this dream very soon, turn to reality.

May you all be free from this dreadful disease and VMC and we Monks at the London Buddhist Vihara wish you all good health. May the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with you ever.

With Metta,

Ven. B Seelawimala Thera
Head Monk

Ven . T Bandula Thera

Ven. K Kassapa Thera