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Please note the Wednesday meditation classes on 10th, 17th and 24th October will be conducted by Bhante Kovida which will be a form of mindfulness meditation based on Qi gong movements

Bhante Kovida will also conduct the monthly retreat on Saturday 27 October


                           KATHINA CEREMONY

                  SUNDAY, 04 NOVEMBER 2018 – 3.00pm

KATHINA signifies the traditional end of the Vassa (Rainy) Season pertaining to the Buddha's own home ground in Northern India. A Vihara may perform this ceremony only once in any particular year. Kathina is an auspicious event giving devotees the rare opportunity of offering a Kathina Robe to the Sangha who have observed the Rainy Retreat (Vassa) at this Vihara. The occasion also gives an opportunity for practising Dana (generosity) in providing useful requisites to the monks and to the Vihara in general. The ceremony commemorating this event will be celebrated at the Vihara on Sunday, 04th November 2018.


3.00pm Ceremonial Procession with the Kathina Robe

3.15-3.30 Taking Refuges and the Five Precepts

3.30-4.00 A talk on the Significance of Kathina

4.00-4.30 The Ceremony of Offering Kathina Robe
and other requisites to the Sangha

4.30-5.00 Sermon in Sinhala

5.00-5.30 Paritta Chanting by the Venerable Monks and Punyanumodana

5.30-6.00 Tea


Those wishing to contribute towards the Kathina Ceremony may either like to send a donation (made payable to London Buddhist Vihara – form enclosed); or choose from the Requisites List, on display on Vihara notice board.

The traditional Kapparukkha (Wishing Tree) will be placed in the preaching hall from Sunday 28th October, and the Kathina Robe will be available for stitching from 12.30 p.m. on 04th November 2018.


The resident monks at the London Buddhist Vihara are now observing the traditional rain retreat (vas period). During this period, the lay devotees undertake to look after the monks by providing them with their daily requisites.
The retreat will end with the katina ceremony on 4 November 2018.

During this period, the first sermon of the Buddha, Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (setting the wheel of dhamma in motion) will be chanted by the resident monks every evening, Monday to Saturday at 6 pm

Chanting of the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta by the resident monks



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Policy effective: 25th May 2018
Next review date: 24th May 2019

London Buddhist Vihara is committed to protecting privacy of our supporters, donors and well-wishers and takes its responsibility regarding the security of supporters, donors and well-wishers information very seriously. We shall be clear and transparent about the information we are collecting and what we shall do with that information.

This Policy sets out the following:
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• Your rights regarding your personal data

What personal data we collect about you;
You may give us information about you by completing our consent form by corresponding with us by post and e-mail. The information you give us may include your name, date, address, e-mail address and phone number.

Why we need your personal data;
The reason we need your data is to be able to provide you with notices, newsletters and any other communications related to the events and other programmes carried out in the Vihara for the benefit of the supporters, donors and well-wishers.

How do we store and process your personal data;
Our lawful basis for processing data is consent. Therefore, we shall also need explicit consent from supporters, donors and well-wishers to process this data, which we shall ask for at the point of collecting it.

A dedicated data controller will be processing your data and shall be storing securely all your data and shall be used only for the purpose of issuing notices, newsletters and any other communications related to the events and other programmes carried out by the London Buddhist Vihara.

Who we share your personal data with;
We shall not be sharing your data with any other persons, organisations, any organisations dealing with marketing activities or any other third party. The London Buddhist Vihara does not store or transfer your personal data outside of the UK.
How long we hold your personal data;
The London Buddhist Vihara shall hold your personal data for as long as you are a supporter, donor and a well-wisher and shall destroy your personal data on hold with us whenever you decide and inform us to delete your data form our data base.

Your rights regarding your personal data;
As a data subject you may have the right at any time to request access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data; to restrict or object to certain kinds of processing of your personal data, including direct marketing; to the portability of your personal data and to complain to the UK’s data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office about the processing of your personal data.