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SUNDAY 29 OCTOBER 2017 3.00pm

KATHINA signifies the traditional end of the Vassa (Rainy) Season pertaining to the Buddha's own home ground in Northern India. A Vihara may perform this ceremony only once in any particular year. Kathina is an auspicious event giving devotees the rare opportunity of offering a Kathina Robe to the Sangha who have observed the Rainy Retreat (Vassa) at this Vihara. The occasion also gives an opportunity for practising Dana (generosity) in providing useful requisites to the monks and to the Vihara in general. The ceremony commemorating this event will be celebrated at the Vihara on Sunday, 29th October 2017.


3.00pm Ceremonial Procession with the Kathina Robe

3.15-3.30 Taking Refuges and the Five Precepts

3.30-4.00 A talk on the Significance of Kathina

4.00-4.30 The Ceremony of Offering Kathina Robe
and other requisites to the Sangha

4.30-5.00 Sermon in Sinhala

5.00-5.30 Paritta Chanting by the Venerable Monks and Punyanumodana

5.30-6.00 Tea


Those wishing to contribute towards the Kathina Ceremony may either like to send a donation (made payable to London Buddhist Vihara form enclosed); or choose from the Requisites List, on display on Vihara notice board.

The traditional Kapparukkha (Wishing Tree) will be placed in the preaching hall from Sunday 22nd October,
and the Kathina Robe will be available for stitching from 12.30 p.m. on 29th October 2017.

Kathina Ceremony. pdf


Vassana Retreat

At the Esala celebrations held on Sunday 9 June, the monks at the London Buddhist Vihara were invited by devotees to observe the vassana period. This is an ancient tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha, when during the rainy season, the monks will be in retreat and remain in the monastery for a period of three months.
During this period, the lay devotees undertake to provide the daily requisites of the monks.
The Vassana period ends with the kathina ceremony to be held on Sunday, 1 November 2017.

The Vihara will be open to visitors at the normal times.



Please note that the Sunday Service will now start at 5.00 pm

You All are welcome



This Chanting will be held on Monday to Saturday 6.30pm
Throughout the Rainy Season.
All are welcome!