Notice Board

You are cordially invited to attend a meditation session conducted


Dr. Sumana Perera


the London Buddhist Vihara

Saturday 17 March 2018

at 5.00 8.00pm

All are welcome!


New Year Message from the London Buddhist Vihara

To All Devotees and Friends,

It is a great pleasure for us to extend our sincere greetings to all of you at the dawn of this New Year 2018. We wish that the New Year will be a very special one for all of you, filling each day with good health, happiness, prosperity, and serenity.

The year 2017 was an another successful year for London Buddhist Vihara. In addition to our annual programme of festivals, we also helped some important charitable activities. In June when several Sri Lankan villages suffered due to devastating floods, we donated school packs to 200 needy children in Sabaragamuwa Educational division, who were adversely impacted by this natural disaster. This year the Vihara continued to host our 15th annual blood donation event and we also offered food and other essential items to underprivileged people at the homeless centre at Acton.

None of our achievements would be possible without the active participation and support of our dedicated co-ordinators, our conscientious dayakas, the Vihara Management Committee and the Anagarika Dharmapala Trust in Colombo. I wish to express our sincere thanks and punyanumodana to all these bodies for their invaluable support. We are profoundly grateful to each of you for your generous support, which made all these events such a success.

We therefore would like to wish you a Happy New Year from the bottom of our hearts. We all hope that you, your family and friends will have a wonderful New Year.

May the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem give you courage to achieve your expectations for your future well-being.

Bhavathu Sabba Mangalam

Yours with Metta,

Most Ven Seelawimala Nayaka Thero
Ven Bandula Thero
Ven Ariyarathana Thero
Ven Kassapa Thero
Ven Pannawansa Thero