Meditation Postures

Full Lotus
This is the traditional meditation posture. Both feet rests on the thighs. This requires considerable flexibility of the legs and may be difficult for most people without proper training

Half Lotus
This posture is easier than the full lotus.The right foot rests on the left thigh. The hands rest on the lap with palms turned upwards. The eyes are kept lightly closed.
Easy Pose
This is a fairly easy posture. The legs are folded and both feet rest on the floor. Sitting on a carpet or a folded blanket will ease the pressure on the legs.

Using a cushion
A cushion about 4inches (10 cm) high will be helpful to maintain above postures.
It is important not to lean against the wall and to keep the back straight, which helps concentration.

Meditation bench
Those who find it difficult to sit cross legged can use a meditation bench. The base of the spine should just clear the back edge. A straight back chair may also be used, taking care not to lean on the back rest.