Buddhism for Beginners
Every Monday 7 - 9 pm

Please note the classes have been postponed for a month as Bhate Pannawamsa is away at present. The date for resuming the classes will be displayed on the LBV notice board.


4th Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha - who are they

11th Four Noble Truths

18th Conventional Truths & Ultimate Truths

25th The Law of Kamma & the god concept


2nd The Eightfold Path

9th Morality, the Path to Wisdom

16th The Five Aggregates of clinging

23rd Bhavana: two types


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Class 1: Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

Class 2a: The Four Noble Truths

Class 2b: The Four Noble Truths

Class 2c: The Four Noble Truths

Class 3: Conventional Truths and Ultimate Truths