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Vihara Library Bookstall
Sunday Service
Pastorial Care
Wedding Service



             Relics of the Buddha

The Vihara

The Vihara is open daily to all devotees and visitors from 8.30 to 11.00am and 2.00 to 8.00pm. Details regarding the Vihara's activities are displayed on the notice board inside the front entrance A monk or a lay person will usually be present to give additional information and assistance to new comers.

 Ola leaf manuscripts  

The Library

The Vihara Library is housed in the lecture hall. This library contains sets of the Buddhist Canon in English and Asian languages, ola-leaf manuscripts, bound sets of periodicals, books on Buddhism and related subjects-over 2600 items.

The libary is open to students and friends of the London Buddhist Vihara. Please contact the Vihara to arrage access to the collection..


                         Bodhi Tree


The bookstall has over 200 titles in paperbacks covering a wide range of Theravada Buddhism.
Publications include those from Buddhist Publications Society, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Buddhist Missionary Society, Kuala Lumpur, as well as books published in the UK.

Please send a Stamped Addressed Envelope (size C5, 23x16cm) for a book list



Classes in Buddhism for Beginners and for Advanced Students are held every week.
Meditation classes are held every Wednesday



Sunday Service

A Buddhist Service is held every Sunday at 6:00pm except during August.
Please note the changed time

Service sheets are provided giving Pali stanzas with English translation.
A short sermon, meditation, chanting and discussion period are part of the service.


Buddhist festivals are celebrated at the Vihara. Details are displayed in Calender of Events and on the notice boards. Details are circulated to all friends of the Vihara.


Pastorial Care

Pastorial care includes Wedding Blessings and Funeral Service.
Visits to the sick and needy at home or in hospital may be arranged.
Facilities are available to schools, educational groups etc to visit the Vihara by prior arrangement.
Outside talks to schools, interfaith groups etc can be arranged.


Due to the keen interest in this devotional expression of generosity by lay Buddhists, those wishing a special date to offer food and other offerings are advised to enquire as early as possible.

                     Stone carving
             Isurumuniya, Sri Lanka

Wedding Service

The Vihara is officially registered to conduct marriage ceremonies.
The Vihara also conducts a ceremony to bless a marriage (if the official wedding has been carried out elsewhere but you wish to have a Buddhist blessing for your marriage)

Buddhist attitude to marriage

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